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Internship Program



To better connect the aspiring young talents in Hong Kong with our corporate partners, HKDAS has proudly launched an internship program with various employment modes for 2023.


This program is supported by our corporate partners coming from a wide range of fields including but not limited to Web3, technology and  finance. We welcome young talents that are current students (including MBA students) or have graduated no more than 3 years before you apply to this program.


The internship opportunities offered by our corporate partners allow young talents to have actual work experience, and prepare them to develop their careers in emerging fields.

Our Partner-Employer


The following corporate partners can provide internship or job opportunities:


(ranked in alphabetical orders)

Special notes


Outstanding Hackathon participants and active student helpers will be nominated by HKDAS to corporate partners and receive selection priority over other candidates for the openings.


The job openings will be released in early Feb 2023. 

For interested young talents, please join our individual membership first to get the most updated information.

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